A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to savor the exceptional culinary creations of Chef Miguel Zaguirre featuring a diverse food offerings complemented with the taste of Ilocano cuisines presented during the Ilocos Sur Festival 2024 Ilocovore – a formal luncheon for the municipal and provincial officials together with the heads of the different government offices in the province.

The culinary experience begins with an enticing appetizer featuring igado blend with multigrain bagnet fat sourdough pandesal, followed by seafood calamansi papaitan, gamet cured tanigue ata-ata, ilocochon, bagnet and pugita pinakbet sauce, sinampalukang kambing tantanmen, and a bitter-sweet tsokolate de ylocos completed the menu.

Governor Jerry said that each dish is a masterpiece as culinary experts including Ilocos Sur’s pride Chef Kalel Chan weave together bold spices, flavors and stories to reveal a unique tapestry of Ilocano cuisines.