Blue – to celebrate the success of the biggest sports event of the year 2022 hosted by the Heritage Province of Ilcoos Sur, the Batang Pinoy 2022 National Championships..

The Closing Ceremony happened this 21 December 2022 at the Quirino Stadium was attended by Governor Jerry Singson, PSC Chairman Jose Emmanuel “Noli” M. Eala, Chloe Isleta swimmer, and PSC Chief of Staff Maria Christina Tan.

Baguio City’s game plan for the Batang Pinoy went well as they were the Champion of the said grassroots program for this year. Laguna was the second, Quezon City at third, Lapu-Lapu City at fourth while General Santos City was at fifth. Rounding up the Top 10 were Pasig City, Iloilo City, Masbate, Lucena City and Davao City.