Thriving rich culture and tradition in the heritage province, Governor Jerry Singson launched the first ever Indigenous People’s Balliwes Showdown as part of the Ilocos Sur Kannawidan Festival 2023 Begnas Cultural Night at the Plaza Burgos, Vigan City.

This event served as a thanksgiving celebration of the Indigenous People community of Ilocos sur. Different IP group had proven that the rich culture and tradition of Ilocos Sur which the generation today inherited was still alive and will definitely pass to the next generation.

During the showdown proper, the twelve contenders were able to depict the traditional courtship, wedding, planting, harvesting as a typical daily way of life for them.

As a result, the IP group from San Emilio won the Balliwes Showdown while IP Quirino brought home the second place and 3rd is the IP Municipality of Lidlidda.

NCIP Regional Director Atty. Harriet Abyadang joined SPM Benjamin Maggay, SPM Ronnie Rapanut, SPM Art Oandasan, SPM Third Ranches, Provincial Administrator Marlon Tagorda and San Emilio Mayor Joey Bragado witnessed the said event.