Sea Turtles are important in maintaining balanced and healthy ecology.

The Provincial Government of Ilocos Sur released 61 hatchlings of marine turtle or pawikan in the waters of Mindoro Beach this 24 January 2023.

On hand to release the pawikans were SPM Christopher Baterina, Police Major Rommel Lazaga, Station Chief Ilocos Sur Maritime Police Station, Mr. John Noel Andaya, Provincial Tourism Officer and a representative of PENRMO, Mr. Andrei Immanuel Andia.

On releasing the hatchlings, SPM Baterina called on the residents of the coastal areas of Ilocos Sur to help in protecting, conserving the area and become Pawikan Parents which the PGIS supported by a resolution giving incentives to anyone who can find sea turtles and take good care of them.

Female pawikan usually returns to its birthplace to lay eggs in the next 20 to 25 years.

In letting pawikan hatchlings to crawl into the sea, this will help them remember where they came from. They imprint on the unique magnetic field of their birthplace and the female ones use this information to return to their birthplace to nest.