In response to the nationwide Parol Making Contest of the Malacañang, the parol of Candon City will be the official entry of the province with its Isang Bituin, Isang Mithiin theme that will be adjudged on the 18 November 2022.

The sophisticated parol is covered with banig which is a handwoven mat that was traditionally made in the province. Technically, the mat is made of buri (palm), pandan or native leaves. Its shoulders are assembled like “pamaypay” with corn husks on its crown portion. It is also accessorized with braided dried stem of banana pith to make it attractive. Coated and beaded with seeds like corn kernels, string beans, black beans, monggo, and extraordinary abrus precatorius beans commonly known as pea rosary found in the remote areas of the city which are used as beads and in percussion instruments.

The Candon City entry wins over among entries during the judging held at the Ilocos Sur Provincial Tourism Office this 14 November 2022.