Gov. Jerry Singson turned – over prizes to coffee artists, coffee developers and coffee growers of the province during the Robusta Coffee Trade Fair 2022 held last October 24 – 28, 2022. The commendation took place his 07 November 2022 at the Provincial Farmers Livelihood Development Center.

The following were adjudged as winners:

Latte Art Competition Pro Category

1st Place: Cafe Amian

2nd Place: Barastea

3rd Place: Double Drip

Latte Art Competition Student Category

1st Place: BJ Padre

2nd Place: Mark Anthony

3rd Place: Double Drip

Specialty Drink Competition

1st Place: Cafe Amian

2nd Place: Double Drip

3rd Place: Barastea

Top 3 Aroma Competition

1st Place: Coffee Growers of Suyo

2nd Place: Coffee Growers of Sigay

3rd Place: Coffee Growers of Sugpon.